Friday, April 21, 2017

Marsha's Mish Mash Texture Fibers April 2017

One of my favorite things about working at Sarafina as a wool washer and dyer is that I get to help find and try all kinds of fleeces from small farms here in the US. Sometimes we order fleeces with the hopes of the right color, definition, and length for our kits but what we get does not always wash up the way we expect. Often we just see really great fleeces and want to see how they can be used.

The concept behind the Marsha's Mish Mash bags is to be able to share unique fleeces that we come across that have lots of potential for experimentation. The uniqueness of these fleeces means that these bags are limited edition, and the number that we get is all that we will have.
We look forward to having new batches when the previous one sells out.
April 2017 Sarafina Fiber Art Marsha's Mish Mash Fibers (shopping cart photo)
Brown Huacaya Alpaca in various lengths from 1" to 3".
Rose Grey Huacaya Alpaca in various lengths from 1" to 3".
Dark and Light Lincoln with some curly and straight bits.
Finn Sheep Fleeces before dyeing.
Weighing out the bags showing the dyed Finn Sheep.
This particular Finn Sheep had found some burrs while on the farm.
We hand picked them out, but may have missed some!

Marsha's Mish Mash April 2017
4oz Textural Fiber Bag Limited Edition contains the following layers of fibers from top to the bottom of the bag:
1 oz Dyed Finn Sheep
1.3 oz Dark Lincoln (some curly, some straight)
.7 oz Light Lincoln
.5 oz Rose Grey Huacaya
.5 oz Brown Huacaya

We would love to see what you are doing with these Mish Mash Fibers so if you are on Social Media, use the hashtag: #MishMashFibers to show off your work.